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Friday, June 27, 2003

The Little Beastie

Just back from the ultrasound appointment. 17 weeks along as of tomorrow and all is well. The baby's right on target as far as size, and already has picked up some of mommy's yoga—(s)he treated us to some surprisingly accomplished plough-like postures. The genetic counseling was thankfully benign. Some family history discussion (during which we did rule out, I hope, the possibility that hubby and I are related), some pictures of chromosomes. No Franken-babies. Thanks to Janell Grenier for sending along this great little script that puts an automatic update about where things are in the pregancy on your site. You have to be able to use PHP to run it and I don't think that's me, but I pass it along because it's a neat doohicky.

We used a different examining room and machine today than we did for my last ultrasound, and unfortunately this time the quality of the picture printouts stank. But just so you get the idea of what things look like at this stage,

Our Bundle of Joy
Our Bundle of Joy

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