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Friday, June 27, 2003

Coming Up Orange, Part I

There have been some interesting Orange County, CA weblog developments recently. Here's one:

Real estate, commercial and otherwise, has been a critical part of the local economy for quite some time. There's a group of local realtors ("The Great Team") who have been maintaining a quirky and informative Web site (Grow-A-Brain), and now they have a blog in the same tradition. It's called The Future of Real Estate, and it deftly interweaves the authors' interest and expertise in real estate topics with their appreciation of cuisine, travel, current events, local color, ETC. This is a nice example of how a business-related blog need not be dry and soulless. Of course, they also link to their main business site and their current listings. (Wow, check out the architechture on 10102 Sunrise Lane, North Tustin. Neoclassical meets postmodern in the California sun, with a little hint of Japan thrown in for good measure; see the arch, left front.)

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