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Monday, June 02, 2003

The Carrot vs. Stick Approach

Lots of news today about Altnet, the Kazaa partner that seeks to reduce P2P sharing of unauthorized copyrighted material by paying users to share authorized files. From the Los Angeles Times ("Offering Prizes for Legal File Sharing"): "Analyst P.J. McNealy of GartnerG2, a technology research and consulting firm, said the points program may be based on a flawed assumption: that the files Altnet wants to provide are compelling." See also [via ILN] c | net ("Altnet to pay Kazaa users for swapping") and ("'Rewards' to encourage legal file sharing").

While it's a laudable concept, without the backing of the major labels I don't think this has a prayer. (But then, I could never figure out why people thought iWon search was a good idea either.)

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