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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

The Baggage Has Landed

Through what wound up being a happy travel mishap on my part (airlines are so picky about timeliness these days!), Doc and I scooted back to California together, along the way mapping most of the WiFi hotspots between Cambridge and Logan, most of the AC outlets at Logan, and most of the notable features geographic and geologic between Provincetown and the San Gabriels. The oooohnly way to fly! Here's Doc's summing-up of the conference, and I couldn't agree more:

It wasn't a Big Time conference, but it was a culture-changer. Blog is Rock, in many ways. And the show had a lot of Rock & Roll to it. It was also very well done for the first of its kind.

It brought a lot of terrific people together, which is a huge plus. It ran well, without many hitches. And they provided free wi-fi Net access (and kept it going), which is much appreciated. So: kudos to the Jupiter folks for pulling it off.

Back home, I see JCA has marked a milestone:

Welcome the Blawg Ring's 200th member, KC Lawyer!

Don't think that means there are only 200 blawgers; my guess is it's at least double that. I'm so glad JCA set up the Blawg Ring; it was a small step that provides a big service and has a broad impact. For my part, I'm looking forward to getting around to a sizeable blawgroll update this weekend.

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