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Friday, May 16, 2003

Three Times In One Week!

(We late-thirties married types are proud out of all proportion whenever we can make such a claim.) The last of this week's blawgrollees mostly came my way from (which also mentions the ABA Litigation Section's RSS feed, via Robert Ambrogi, by way of Tom Mighell—neat! Are there more ABA feeds? Are they listed anywhere?):

  • Concur In Part either is the joint effort of two law students who go by Reason and Jophiel, or one law student named Jophiel who intermittently is interrupted by the Voice of Reason. I haven't quite decided, but I have decided you should pay them/him a visit.
  • Amy Campbell has a Weblog at Harvard, as well as a marketing business (Infoworks!), and in her spare time she helps law firms create award winning newsletters.
  • If you've got to have a pseudonym, make it an entertaining one. Like Omnibus Bill, "just another Beltway lawyer," who writes Crimen Falsi and may or may not answer with a Dead Kennedys lyric should you greet him on the street.
  • Fragrant Lotus practices law in New York City and remarks on the uncanny staying power of the Swatch.
  • Janell Grenier is a benefits and ERISA lawyer in Pennsylvania, and as far as I know is the first to cut a bloggy swath through that particular legal briarpatch.
  • Maize-N-Bluebook attends the University of Michigan Law School.
  • And in case you thought only the judges were curmudgeonly, The Curmudgeonly Clerk seeks to dispel that misconception.

Finally, blawg news continues to hit my radar the old-fashioned way (links and email). I think I just flashed on the meaning of the title of Joe's blog, B2FXXX (that, or I'm hopelessly depraved), where he writes about law, the Internet and society, and the Baseball Crank emailed to confess he's a lawyer who from time to time will blog about things legal.

I'm off to Eureka, California—not to partake of the Hemp or other secondhand effects of Humboldt State's commencement festivities (though it probably couldn't hurt), but to wish my grandmother-in-law a very happy 80th birthday. Have a delightful weekend.

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