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Tuesday, May 20, 2003


Spanish pay music site Puretunes ("No Rules. No Limits.") markets itself as authorized but doesn't specify by whom. Not the major record labels apparently. The Los Angeles Times reports on a provision of Spanish copyright law—requiring "artists and record companies to be paid equal royalties when there is no agreement on how to divide the payments from the sale of their work"—that could enable Puretunes to deeply undercut competitors' pricing: "For the price of four songs at the iTunes Music Store, someone with a fast Internet connection could download more than 400 from Puretunes." ("Spanish Site Brings Pay Into Play;" more from c | net; Reuters)

c | net reports on the Future of Content conference last month at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. This year's theme: "Cooperation & Rivalry in the Digital Age: The Changing Dynamics of Content Creation & Distribution." ("How tech shapes entertainment's future")

Dave Winer is working and teasing.

Console your favorite Buffy fan, today may be tough: "'Buffy' saved television a lot." (Los Angeles Times, "RIP 'Buffy': You drove a stake through convention")

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