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Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Bashmaniacs, Rejoice!

In honor of today's 1-year blogiversary of How Appealing, The Academy has posted its interview with Howard Bashman. The whole thing is characteristically witty and wise—want to know which Ninth Circuit Judge Howard thinks would prevail in the judicial version of Survivor? Sure you do!—but here are a couple of nuggets that particularly caught my eye:

  • Howard's blog has palpably enhanced the visibility of his firm's Web site, resulting in hundreds of new subscribers to the email version of his monthly column, and helping make the column's archive one of the site's most frequently visited pages.
  • Though Howard receives much email from within the judicial branch, he does not think he has "ever received any email that a court employee should not have sent," i.e., one that would violate the mandates of confidentiality by which such employees are governed.

Both these points seem pertinent to material to be covered at the ClickZ Weblog Business Strategies Conference & Expo. (More interesting speakers: Anil Dash, Michael O'Connor Clarke, Jeff Jarvis and Elizabeth Spiers.)

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