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Monday, April 28, 2003

Working Through The Backblawg

It looks as though this blogging thing might just catch on in the legal field...hold on, here we go!

Law Students

Rob Sherman, Laura Gleason, Jeremy and Jason at Just Opinions, Omer Poos and Obiter Dicta.

Law Professors

Vic Fleischer, Jeff Kahn and Brad Joondeph at A Taxing Blog.

Future Law Students

Kipp at A Kick To The Ego and Matt at Left Coast Expat.

Lawyer (I think; straighten me out, Bill, if I'm wrong)

Bill Wiese of The Internet Law Blog.

Deep Support

The Command Post has received a good deal of press, and is the brain child of Michele Catalano, secretary in a Nassau County (Long Island, NY) court.

Help, I don't read German or Portugese!

Transblawg understands, and might be able to help with Udo and netbib. is in English, so that helps a bit, and bLAWger from Brazil just looks like one big party (I know, that's only because to me everything from Brazil looks like one big party; sorry!).

Largely Legal

Paul Pedley writes of legal issues concerning the information profession at The Information Law Blog. Herb Gura hosts The Law Show on Lake County, California's KPFZ, and writes the show's blog.

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