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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Testing, 123

Dowloaded iTunes 4.0, the latest iPod updater and QuickTime 6.2 late last night, and a Sheryl Crow track this morning after some oohing and ahhing over Apple's new Music Store. This thing is bound to do well. Tech TV approves, as did Screen Savers guest Walt Mossberg yesterday. All of which reminded me to check when my mandatory 1-year eMusic subscription expires (June), and to download a few tracks from there as the thing basically has been gathering dust. Not a bad service, that; though I believe the files still are watermarked, you can transfer and burn without any restrictions. I've just found the catalog too limited to make me feel warm and fuzzy about the monthly subscription.

Speaking of Walt Mossberg, who writes the Wall Street Journal's Personal Technology column and others (90 day archive available at that link), he and Kara Swisher will be hosting D: All Things Digital next month. (Pretty sure I'm going. —!)

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