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Thursday, April 10, 2003


Eeek, I'm still so busy at work! This state of affairs looks to persist until the end of the month or so, at which time we may try to sneak off for a long weekend somewhere. (Pity the hapless server who will have no idea how imminently likely I am to detonate unless he or she comes through with that piña colada now.) I'll do my best to keep hurling links and the occasional text at you in the interim, e.g.:

  • Finally got around to listening to the Fast Company Google article ("How Google Grows...and Grows...and Grows") last night on my way home. Aside from being a great read, it had this bonus bit of information—that Peter Norvig, creator of the dead funny (no pun intended) Gettysburg Powerpoint Presentation I so enjoyed when Ernie linked it awhile back, also is Google's "director of search quality, charged with continuously improving people's search results." In other words, a god-like human, I do obeisance in his general direction.
  • It was fun to catch Rael Dornfest last night, Google Hacking on The Screen Savers. His article has some eminently worthwhile tips, and I'm buying the book.

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