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Wednesday, April 02, 2003

First, The Good News...

The good news is yesterday included one of the recurring annual events I most look forward to in my professional life. This was the annual lunch attended by the Justices of the California Supreme Court, the Justices of the California Court of Appeal, Second District, and the members of the Los Angeles County Bar Appellate Courts Committee. This lunch consistently is a fine blend of professionalism, camaraderie and humor, and yesterday met, if not surpassed, the high bar set in past years. Among the highlights for me: learning that a great many of the esteemed attendees, including the Supreme Court Justice seated to my immediate left, had at least a passing familiarity with weblogs. In fact, the practitioner seated to my immediate right had an eye-popping law-firm-and-weblog story to relate, and is happy to have me share it with you. That I will do, but need to table it briefly until my schedule lets up.

The bad news is much as I am utterly dying to go to the Intel v. Hamidi oral argument today and blog the heck out of it, some things came up yesterday that are going to render this impossible. I'm disappointed, and maybe you are too, but it's unavoidable. I suspect a crack journalist or two who publish in linkable form will give us the flavor of the proceedings while I am off lawyering. If so, you can be sure I'll post the links here, or Howard will on How Appealing. So sorry if you were anxiously awaiting the blow-by-blow; next time!

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