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Monday, April 28, 2003

Ok so that's not really the URI—it's here, is the point. And new iPods (10, 15 and 30GB) to boot. MacCentral covered the launch event and describes the new download service. This LA Times article ("Apple to Unveil Music Service") says last Friday's Grokster/StreamCast summary judgment win "stole Apple's thunder" and will make it more difficult to pitch the new service. I don't agree. I think—pun intended—it's Apples and oranges, or more like lemons when it comes to the multiple headaches, not to mention legal issues, of obtaining digital music P2P. Per MacCentral:

Apple has made deals with the big five music labels and we have over 200,000 songs available. There's unlimited CD burning for personal use only, but playlists have to be modified every 10 burns. You can play music on up to three Macs and unlimited iPods. Music authorization can be transferred from an old Mac to a new Mac. The cost will be 99 cents per song with no subscription fee.

Per Apple: "It's what you've been waiting for."

Personal wishlist: a stereo component that will connect with any iPod via a front-facing FireWire port. (Future wishlist: substitute "reliable high-speed wireless connection" for "front-facing FireWire port.")

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