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Saturday, March 01, 2003

This Just In From Pahrump

There are so many fascinating tidbits in this article (The ultimate sin tax: Nevada considers taxing hookers) I scarcely know where to start. How about that Sheri's Ranch (a legal Nevada brothel) is so flush it's building a $24 million PGA golf course? Or that it handled (straight from the AP without a trace of irony, that word) more than 10,000 customers last year? Or that the Nevada state Health Division believes 365,000 sex acts are performed each year in the state's brothels (that's 1,000 a day)? Or that yoga, golf and massage all are exempted from the state's contemplated new "entertainment and admissions" tax? (Why, 'cause they're therapeutic? Ok, that logic holds...)

This seems somehow all bound up (stop it) with the fact that Frederick's of Hollywood is looking more and more Victoria's Secret day by day (and, come to think of it, vice—without a trace of irony—versa).

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