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Saturday, March 01, 2003

Forward, March!

Hack, wheeze, ahem: who can breathe through all this dust? If all works as planned, this post should inaugurate a new look for Bag and Baggage. The design is brought to you by Matt Round, the genius behind Malevole. Matt's blogroll was what initially caught my eye (I mean, is that great or what?), through pointers from Stavros/Chris and Elaine...and there you have it. How things work in blogspace, I suppose! Matt's in England, gives great code and email, and was a close contender for The Guardian's Best British Blog last year as selected by Ev and friends. (I just watched his Tribute to Ray Harryhausen again and think I laughed even harder this time.)

So bear with me as I stretch and get comfortable in the new Bag and Baggage space. Formatting may be a little funky as I begin to figure things out. (W3-Who?)

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