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Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Down To Business

The ClickZ Weblog Business Strategies 2003 Conference & Expo is coming up in June: "[T]he first business-oriented forum to address the recent emergence of Weblogs into the business world and their rising importance as a medium of communication." Thanks to Robert Scoble for the pointer. The David score is high (Winer, check; Weinberger, check), but to really shine the conference would do well to showcase Robert's dead-on Corporate Weblog Manifesto (read it three times, then read the link cosmos), and Chris Pirillo's related insights: "We 'allow' Winer to promote Radio UserLand, and Null to promote his latest book—but that's only because they talk to us. They engage us. B-Blogs do exist, but I'd like to believe they exist because their owners have a passion for their subject matter burning deep inside of them."

It would be easy but unwise to start down the road of public institutional blogging without deciding these are words to live by. Eric Norlin highlights Source ID, etc., as examples of intelligent business blog life forms. [Update] And Nick Denton emphasizes the contrapositive: "Remind me to shoot myself." [via Hylton]

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