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Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Quite The Little Lawyer Family

Good morning, it's the crack of dawn, my husband left an hour ago to get ready for closing argument today in the case he's been trying, and I'm continuing to fine tune a Ninth Circuit brief due Friday. (For those of you who might be trial court litigators -- and for whom Friday thus feels like an occurrence due to hit around the same time as a manned mission to Mars -- realize that in the world of appellate law I feel like I'm filing this any second). With both sides of my marital unit in such high-test lawyer mode, you'd better pray we don't do anything rash this week like reproduce (uh, slim chance). There's no telling what sort of spawn that might loose on the world. "The Justice has a new weapon..."

(The brief I'm working on is for a party you've most likely heard of. I'll let you know once it's a matter of public record, if only so you can better appreciate how this project has a singular ability to snap me back to commando-caliber discipline every time my attention begins to drift in the slightest.)

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