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Monday, February 03, 2003

Out Shouts

Apologies for the slow start this week. I never expected to see two space shuttles and their crews go up like roman candles in my lifetime. It has lowered a pall on my enthusiasm, as well as the knowledge that anything much I might say at the moment is terribly trivial. But the blawgs do go on, and there are a number of things worth mentioning on that front. The Blawg Ring should usher in its hundredth member any time now. Seems like we should be able to come up with some sort of appropriate commemoration for the lucky blawger... In the meantime, be sure to acquaint yourself with Berkman affiliate Derek Slater, who writes A Copyfighter's Musings. Speaking of Berkman, I've been much too tardy in welcoming Donna's and Dave's boss, John Palfrey, to the festivities. Dr. Karl-Friedrich Lenz, Professor of German and European Law at Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo writes the Lenz Blog, and has a number of recent posts with an IP focus. [via, to which Bag and Baggage says "Thanks!" for being noted as this week's "featured feed."] In other blawgy news, Bob Ambrogi highlights legal weblogs in his January column (Lawyers As Pundits, By Way of the Web), and the George Mason University School of Law has included several of your favorite blawgers in its class outline for Internet Research (via Howard). Finally, lots of gratitude, good feelings and therapeutic referrals to all who have dropped by Bag and Baggage since February 13, 2002, when I added the Site Meter; at some point this weekend, the blog had its 100,000th page view.

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