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Sunday, February 16, 2003

Nouns Of Multitude Or Signifying Many

Good discussion at Shelley's about the Google-Pyra news, including this comment from bumr ("More and more of the content Google returns in its results are weblogs;" more) and this one from Jeneane ("Look for Gonzo to take hold"). Consistent with bumr's observations, lately I've noticed myself looking for -- and finding -- pertinent information using Google by limiting the search to the "" or "" domains. Now, I'm well aware that most of the world has a different host or server*, and I'm not saying I don't search more broadly as well. What I'm saying is you should give this a whirl and see how effective it can be. A quick example: I found a number of these resources by limiting the search to The same search limited to turned up this really wonderful electronic discovery library, maintained by Kroll Ontrack, and via Old Fox Den. I didn't know Kroll Ontrack from Adam, but its eEvidence law library is quite good, and it doesn't surprise me at all that I learned this from a blawger and Kylie Minogue fan. "But Denise," you say, "Daypop already lets you limit search results to weblogs in general." Sure, but this is Google we're talking about. See Cory Doctorow: "If Google pulls it off successfully, it will be able to generate tons of great, new, brilliant features, use its data-mining to refine them and build secondary services atop them, and that innovation will flow out to the other blogging tools. And vice-versa." *Think about how this might shift, is shifting. Sweet mullet, is it an AOL world after all??

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