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Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Gonzo Indeed

So, you think I'm kicking myself for not driving up Saturday for this? Though I wasn't there, I have a small story that says perhaps big things.

Before the event, I emailed Doc, in essence: "Wish I could go, long drive, weekend night and I do that commute all week [insert lame, old-beyond-my-years excuse of your choice here]. My FTP password for Blog*spot has gone missing, think you could mention it to Ev?" What happened in the next several hours is now the stuff of legend. Yet, in the middle of all the chaos and confabulation, before the next business day even had dawned, Ev and colleagues were personally in touch to help me solve my niggling FTP issue. ("Class Act, you know your old pals, Loyalty, Trust and Genuine Affection? Come on in and have a cheese puff.")

Thanks to their kind -- and in light of current events, mindblowingly unexpected -- responsiveness, Bag and Baggage should be getting a facelift soon (not to mention a few other nips and tucks; if you have an elastic garment to spare, do let me know). You won't have to do a thing to your bookmarks or blogrolls.

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