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Friday, February 14, 2003

Calling All Crimsons (LazyBlawg)

As part of the Weblogs At Harvard project, Dave and Donna are looking for all of you blogging members of the Harvard community (students, academics, alumni, etc.). My blawgroll has turned up several, but if you're a Harvard blawger I've missed (1) let me know and I'll update this post, and (2) go here. Also invoking the LazyBlawg on this. Harvard Blawgers: Michael Adams Jeremy Blachman Stuart Buck Ex Parte David French GrepLaw Burt Hanson [Update] Bernard Hibbits Garrett Moritz [Update] Rebecca Nesson/Wayne Marshall Christine Niles Nathan Oman John Palfrey Derek Slater Peter Tillers Sasha Volokh Donna Wentworth [Update] Adam White

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