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Sunday, February 16, 2003

Another Reason Why It Frequently Must Suck To Be A Judge

Aside from the appearance of impropriety thing? Not to mention the funding/staffing thing? The CA Attorney General's suggestion you should be precluded from deciding death penalty cases because you toured death row and have met and corresponded with former death row inmate and writer, Michael W. Hunter.* More in the L.A. Times and at Howard's. *Mr. Hunter's Merchants of Death was cited by Judge Kozinski in his dissent in Gerber v. Hickman, the Ninth Circuit's 2002 decision that found "the right to procreate is fundamentally inconsistent with incarceration" (PDF; Judge Kozinski's dissent begins at page 20). Other writing by Mr. Hunter includes: Maintenance of Justice, Mel, Mother Teresa and Dave.

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