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Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Blawgy New Year

So. I've been wondering just how Ernie managed to bag the prime spot on RB's (not to be confused with Arby's...) new Ad Hominem blog, nestled snug between Moxie and Dawn. I'm guessing some of that N'Awlins Voodoo was involved, but maybe one of these newly-spotted blawgers will offer up a better theory. Shelly Waxman is a lawyer with a blog, a book and strong opinions about politics and work. James Harlan practices intellectual property, municipal and real estate law in Michigan. Rita, a self-described "Cherokee squaw hillbilly attorney" writes Res Ipsa Loquitur when she's not co-writing The Church Of The Blinding White Light Of Stupidity. Both are good reads. Says Rita,
I'm a middle-aged slightly right-wing conservative living in the People's Republic of Fayetteville, Arkansas, with my husband, two dogs, and a cat. I work as a court-appointed children's attorney for abused/neglected kids over in beautiful downtown Jay, Oklahoma. I'll be talking about politicians (that B.A. in PolySci's gotta be good for something right?) and other idiots, my grandson and what ever else strikes my fancy...
And these are via the Blawg Ring: I've been enjoying The Greedy Clerks Board for awhile through mentions at Howard's. Both erudite and gossipy, it's a window into a part of our judicial system unique unto itself. eardrumbuzz appears to be a blog associated with this digital media company of the same name, and includes an IP law category. legalistic is by English solicitor Charles Ranson. Larry Kestenbaum writes Polygon, The Dancing Bear, maintains this interesting site that "tells where the dead politicians are buried," and has an impressive Nigerian spam collection. As mentioned here earlier, xrlq has been following the John Dwyer story and recently got written up in the California legal press on the subject. He also points out an interesting disparity between the headlines chosen for the article in northern vs. southern California. Handakte WebLAWg is a german legal blog. Pasadena lawyer and mediator Justene started Calblog just a few days ago, and already it's full of useful news, links and comment. Some 2003 Day 1 Blawg Statistics: The Blawg Ring is up to 72 members. I count about 130 in Ernie's Law Blogs Outline, and I'm listing over 160 here. ChessLaw is blawg-stalking at this link, the J-Files Blog Authority experiment has a law blogs emphasis, and Eatonweb's law category is getting, well, really long. I remember finding about five such pages this time last year. What will January '04 look like? I'm not sure, but suspect being a computer program could be important in keeping up. [via Justene]

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