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Monday, January 27, 2003

Around Blawgistan

Goodness, I'm having a busy day. Hopefully you've seen these already, but if not I'm surfacing momentarily to urge you to visit -- The Blawgistan Times: extremely nifty, still-under-development-so-help-make-this-great tool, designed to make reading blawgs, and communicating with and among blawgers, a quick, easy and information-rich experience. I'm really excited about this for anyone interested in legal weblogs and legal information on the Web in general. See Jonas and Kevin for details about participation and features. Does Open And Notorious promise to do for law school what Santa's blog did for the holidays? Could be, except they're not necessarily making this stuff up... [via The Blawg Ring] Internet News by Gwen Harris is full of great information about the Web and research. [via Ernie] (We now return this blawger to her regularly scheduled program of circumnavigating the state.)

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