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Tuesday, December 03, 2002

On Your Mark, Get Set: Shop

(**cough -- sniff ** warning: site may be contagious...) Some geeky gift guides and ideas, for your holiday browsing pleasure: Extreme Tech. (Check out the 3 Gigabyte compact flash cards.) PC Magazine. (I like their idea of a Netflix gift certificate or subscription.) Tech TV. (Both Extreme Tech and The Screen Savers like these Zip Zap cars.) For The Latest on The Latest, I'm digging both Mobile Burn and Gizmodo. Ultimate mobile-meister gift pairing: the Sony Ericsson P800 Phone/PDA (out in January) and the Jabra BT200 Freespeak Bluetooth headset. The headset is sub-$100, comfortable, clear, holds a charge well, and you just can't beat being freed from the phone. For the truly obsessed, there's Think Geek from OSDN, the folks who bring us Slashdot. (I'm a sucker for the t-shirts, even if I do lack the geek cred to carry them off in public.) Finally, giving diamonds stiff competition for Girl's Best Friend: The Ars Technica GOD BOX. Build this with loving care for your special someone -- while you're at it, be sure to trick out the case -- and a Happy New Year is practically guaranteed. (That is, unless she's a Mac gal. Then go Powerbook with all the trimmings.)

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