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Monday, December 09, 2002

Dare To Despair

I see that Doc already has blogged the 2003 "Demotivators" collection, but if it and its domain ( don't deserve to be linked to death I don't know what does. If you've never seen this line before, it's a cousin of the Successories products you always see in the Sky Mall catalog -- with the important distinction that these you might actually hang on the wall. Doc likes Flattery, which is understandable, and as a Linux fan he'd probably love Limitations, too. Individuality and Get To Work are battling it out for my favorite. The apparel line is great, too, right down to: "(front of shirt is not smaller than back of shirt) ... " Interesting how this came my way. A colleague at the firm is reading my blog, seems like fairly regularly (now that blows me away), and he thought this followed on well from Fast Company's observation that 2002 is the year of the cockroach. (Thanks PJK, this made my day!)

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