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Friday, November 22, 2002

Revenge Of The Blog: Blogs And Journalism

The folks here blogging the conference (aside from the LawMemers, who are posting on their main page) have posted links to their sites here. [The Digital ID World gang really needs to get its super conference blog aggregator out there.] After blogging-speaking-blogging, I'm tapped out for now. Here's an observation about the beginning of the final panel; please see the other bloggers for more. John Hiler made excellent points about the addictive nature of blogs both to those who read and write them, and the fact that in order for businesses to blog effectively, they need to recognize and participate in these more organic and personal aspects of the medium. [Aside: Glenn Reynolds made a great related point as a follow up to my panel comments: that blogs, done right, provide the reader with a unique opportunity to get to *know* the writer, without and/or before ever meeting him or her. You establish a familiarity and relationship. From a legal marketing standpoint, someone who follows your blogged writing knows a lot about who you are -- and whether they think they'd have a good working relationship with you -- before they ever pick up the phone.]

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