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Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Minutes til "B-Day"

I am at the office fine tuning one of those briefs that, with any luck, makes sense and is well-written. [Turn of phrase yanked shamelessly from Howard] This means I'll be up and still chugging lukewarm coffee (the machines are off at this hour) when Bag and Baggage turns ONE at midnight. I can think of nothing more appropriate than to commemorate this blog's first year on Thanksgiving. In the meantime, I'm so pleased to see some really top-notch women featured in the New York Times, on blogging yet. And really stunned to see my former-Property-professor-turned-Boalt-Hall-Dean resigning in the midst of a sexual harassment investigation. [via Howard] Although I attended law school during the cretaceous period, if memory serves Professor Dwyer was a fine looking fellow but his chances of seriously erring in judgment with any of my classmates went out the window with his lecture on riparian rights.

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