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Friday, November 29, 2002


Mickey Kaus recently called weblogs wormholes to other perspectives. In honor of this insight, the Thanksgiving holiday and Bag and Baggage's birthday, it occurred to me that for everything that makes me thankful, there is someone, somewhere, who would have quite a different reaction. The following is a tribute to those other subjective evaluations of experience. Though the sentiments expressed here are precisely the opposite of my own, in many instances -- as in many things -- the other side has a certain inexplicable charm. I am pissed off Frank Paynter made me realize people might enjoy reading about legal stuff now and then on a weblog. (Frank Paynter is pissed off he tops this list.) I am pissed off that despite the fact my husband understands I am acquainted with an Angry Clam, a Dark Goddess of Replevin, a Burningbird, a Wonderchicken, a Waddling Thunder, a Superhyperdemonchild and a Doc, he never once has alluded in this context to the Seven Dwarves. I am pissed off Gelson's holiday dinners are so delectable yet so reasonably priced. I am pissed off my instructor never makes me do the toe stand, but encourages me to ease down into it when my knees are feeling okay. I am pissed off my garage is purple. (Just the inside. But still.) I am pissed off the Stones are still rocking. I am pissed off all these bloggers I have never met play such a pivotal role in my daily well being. I am pissed off all these bloggers I actually have met are even cooler and more impressive in person than on the Web. I am pissed off so many people in so many parts of the legal field have decided writing a weblog is a good idea. I am pissed off there's Google. I am pissed off Chris Locke keeps the etorphine on hand to administer to RageBoy "as needed."

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