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Tuesday, November 26, 2002


I'm in the midst of some brief writing for the next couple of days, so now seemed like a good time to catch up on some additions to the Bag and Baggage blawg roll, and other bits of news. Computer science professor Ed Felton from Princeton writes about the intersection of law and technology at Freedom To Tinker. Marquette law student Nathan has the good sense to read Mr./Agent Harris. Yale law student Nick Daum had the similar good sense to start blogging at/after Revenge Of The Blog. More Yale rats James, Tim and the Kitchen Cabinet crew came my way during the conference. (That's it on updates for now; more to come soon from the Blawg Ring.) In other news, Michael Wasylik will be repeat panelizing in March at SXSW Interactive, and shares the link of the conference blog. The event looks superb, so no, it's not too early to start hyping. In closing -- does anyone know whether Christy Turlington is a Federalist?

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