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Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Workin' That Mac

Anyone who doubts the utility of Macs in the workplace should check out iCal and iSync, and think again. A quick example. Kevin Marks is attending Harvard Business School Publishing's Next Generation Growth conference tomorrow. He put the conference agenda in iCal, published the calendar to the Web, and when the software asked if he wanted to send a "publish" email, he said righty-o (in that inimitable British fashion). Now people can view this calendar on the Web. Big deal, you say, HBSP took care of that already. Sure. But folks running iCal can also subscribe to this calendar. When they do, it slides right into their own calendar, pretty as a picture, no assembly required. iSync takes it from there, and, if asked, puts it on other networked machines and/or an iPod. Palm, I hardly knew ye...

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