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Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Wiser WiFi

From what I can tell, AT&T began providing its GoPort WiFi service in the Denver Airport just in time for me to spend some unexpected time there last Friday. [Via Reiter's Wireless Data Weblog] That's good, but here's a pop quiz on what would be better: (a) an option to pay for less than 24 hours of service at a time (GoPort in Denver now costs a $9.99 flat fee). (b) an option to include GoPort service in your AT&T Wireless Services/mlife subscription. Two agents gave me a "huh?" when I asked if such a thing was possible; one cited antitrust issues. (This article discusses how 3G cellular providers might blend the two, but also how WiFi potentially threatens rapid adoption of 3G services.) (c) an option to pre-pay and replenish, as T-Mobile provides. (In case you didn't know it, your local Starbucks is likely to be flooded with WiFi; add an automatically refilling caffeine card, and you may never leave...) (d) Leo Laporte's dream. (e) all of the above.

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