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Saturday, October 19, 2002

We'll Be Having Blogs With That

So say more and more members of the legal field. In fact, we're looking at dense blawg warnings in all regions (and the first to call this a dense blawg gets it). Tough to keep up, but here's my latest feeble attempt at chronicling the blooms: I can't believe Ernie, Rick, the Law/Net Marketing Blog and I haven't jumped on this earlier: Goldstein & Howe's SCOTUSblog, the self-proclaimed blogchild of Howard Bashman. Tom, Stephanie, Amy and Erik deliver comprehensive Supreme Court coverage, their first names and their own voices. Color me impressed and happy to see them. [via JURIST and Howard] Lane McFadden, law clerk to Judge Kleinfeld, blogs from Alaska. [via Howard] The boy named Soo, a San Diegan, formerly was with this firm, and now ? [via Howard] Kim Weatherall is an intellectual property/information technology/Internet law lecturer with the University of Sydney. (More here.) [via JURIST] Christine is a law student at Notre Dame and her blog was IBGR (Inspired By Glenn Reynolds). [via JURIST] Manhattan 1L Superhyperdemonchild: Code at the speed of light she does not. But code she does; lovely site. [via the Blawg Ring] Elizabeth ("Janeway Speaks") is a Star Trek fan (naah, I'm not getting sucked into that whole "Trekker"/"Trekkie" imbroglio), and 1L. [via the Blawg Ring] Nathan Newman is an author, lawyer and progressive. More here and here. [via the Blawg Ring] Inns Of Court is by an Australian law grad seeking gainful employment. [via the Blawg Ring] ZaftigGirl is a 1L at McGeorge with a way with words: "call me the abominable snowchick. and then make me melt." [via the Blawg Ring] has a group weblog on law and technology issues. [via the Blawg Ring] Echos from the Void (aka Leareth) is written by an Australian Law/Arts student who wonders "if the day will ever come when judges can use more commas and full-stops." [via the Blawg Ring] I'm guessing the mind behind is in-house counsel. Somewhere. Emphasis on Internet and securities law. [via the Blawg Ring] Who'm I missing, hmm?

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