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Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Preview of Coming Attractions; Eldred; Slashdot

At lunch, Dr. Weinberger and Peter Biddle were discussing issues relating to the DRM panel tomorrow (Peter spearheads Palladium, and works with my co-panelist Brad Brunell), which toward the end was boiling down for me to questions of policy vs. architecture -- where do you put the controls? Does it matter if all you're doing is enabling the controls? News to me: Palladium stays away from managing audio formats (e.g., MP3s), which get handed to the regular Windows OS. (Related Wired story quoting Peter from July.) Kevin Marks provides a pointer to this summary from Kwin, who attended the Eldred argument. He also let me know the DIDW blogger crew has been Slashdotted; the thread is here.

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