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Friday, October 25, 2002

More Blackstone Builders (Or, Legal Types Just Spouting Off On The Web)

Jodi L. Sax of, an IP and entertainment lawyer in L.A.: "I created the site purely for my own amusement (and to learn how to make a website.) I have just continued along those same lines. My site is a reflection of my interests and my aesthetic sensibilities. Hopefully you all find it useful and informative too. :)" Yep-er-ino! ...via Kevin J. Heller of Tech Law Advisor, an IP and entertainment lawyer in New Jersey: "Disclosure: I am an amazon associate. clicking and purchasing items via links from this site may generate a small commission, so long as kazaa doesn't steal it." [via the Blawg Ring] Jennifer Klyse, who blogs from/of IT at a large firm (et cetera) and is Rick Klau's blog-child: "KM for the sake of KM--whether it is CRM, a case management database, or whatever--needs to be something that is needed or wanted by people who are willing to contribute as well as reap the benefits of the sharing. Otherwise, it's not going to work." [via Rick and Ernie] NYU 1L Aaron of Last Best Hope: "Student activists just aren't what they used to be. Now they usually just stand on sidewalks handing out flyers as if they were advertising discount men's suits or trying to get me to come see stand-up comedians." [via Lane McFadden]

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