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Thursday, October 31, 2002

Good Intentions Never Good Enough

Here are two articles about the Reed Smith/Crosby merger, one from The East Bay Business Times (according to which I now have a "posse," which is great because let's face it, who hasn't always wanted one?), and one from the Philadelphia Business Journal. [update] More merger stories, in The Oakland Tribune, The San Mateo County Times and The title of this post (borrowed from a classic Motels tune and album) refers to the fact I briefly considered making a WeatherPixie collage commemorating all the various offices of the new firm. However, it quickly became clear I have far too little time and there are far too many locations. I'm hoping you can muddle through with London. --Later: Well, I just couldn't resist running the Googlisms for the firms. Here's Crosby Heafey and Reed Smith (which seems to have some brand overlap with Paul Reed Smith Guitars -- either that or the firm is really into rock-n-roll). The WeatherPixie

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