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Thursday, October 10, 2002

Chat With Nat

Nathan Torkington with O'Reilly blogged our DRM panel and will have an MP3 of it available at that link this afternoon. I had the greatest chance meeting with Nat before the panel. It went like this. He and I were clustered with our laptops by the registration table, plugging in to the powerstrips there. My purpose at the time was to jump on to iChat and hook up with Kevin Marks, stranded back in California. Kevin was going to walk me through using Quicktime Broadcaster to send him the audio of the panel. We figured out that wouldn't work because of NAT issues with the IP address assigned by the WiFi (I'm merely pretending to know what that might mean). Though the WiFi NAT was less than cooperative, the Nat next to me was just the opposite. While I was iChatting away with Kevin, I was real world chatting with Nat, who when he learned the predicament offered to make an MP3 of the panel and email Kevin. Perfect! Okay, but not all. Logged off iChat, checked email. Kevin had sent me the video from the O'Reilly OS X conference, of Dan Gillmor and others discussing DRM. (Kevin has been absolutely great at keeping me up to speed on the latest permutations and commentary in this area.) By this time, Nat and I were past the "who are you with?" part, so I told him, Hey, Kevin sent me this O'Reilly conference DRM video. And Nat said, Hey, I took that O'Reilly conference DRM video! We proceeded to impress the hell out of ourselves by transferring the video and our contact information from computer to computer over the WiFi via iChat and Rendezvous. The panel talk itself went well I think, particularly David's organization and focus, but I'm admittedly biased. We had too little time and too much to try to cover. I'll try to blog my notes and sources soon. --Later: Nat's commentary is here. I couldn't agree with him more that the education divide on this topic is daunting. I also was about to say that I think the CBDTPA has more impact as leverage than law -- i.e. I don't think it will pass -- but then looked around for enough wood to knock on to counteract such an assertion, and came up empty. Move along then, nothing to see here...

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