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Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Blawg Day Afternoon

Could be the fact that these franchises are multiplying faster than these ones. Could be the flesh eating bananas. My personal money is on the need to catch up on seasons I, II and III of The Sopranos in order to bring all intertextual insights to bear on Season IV. Regardless, the Blawg Patrol is in a slump. The Home Office is reduced to mining her referral logs and other known informants. Don't think there's not still time to rethink the whole year-end bonus structure, people! How about a little hustle? So, without further ado, here are this week's culprits. These folks turned themselves in to The Blawg Ring, - second year law student Paul Gutman, - Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyer Steve Smith, - and "Insomniac Overdrive," the "blog of a practising lawyer who rabbles about everything under the sun and who occasionally asks legal questions" (sounds like my kinda blawger), while law students Mike and math-poetically-inclined TPH hang out in all the right neighborhoods (here!), and law student Ted's "SCOTUS" blog taps turgid telegraphical timbres [via Howard's blogroll]. In other news, reader feedback suggests the men fared far worse than the women in the "typical attire" selections included yesterday. To remedy, this comes somewhat closer to the look I was trying to capture...

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