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Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Two Treats Worth Waiting For

1. A web-based, refreshingly straightforward blog and news aggregator: BlogHog. (Thanks, Michael!) Nothing to download. Anywhere acess. Simple and quick to register and add pages. Ahhhhh. 2. Somone finally got around to interviewing Paynter, that someone being George Partington. The interview is here. "I had a college job in a huge library and was awed by the mathematical impossibility of ever absorbing its contents. The net is so much bigger, but linking gives us a way to fly through the information in a way that makes it all accessible. The daunting mathematics of a number of volumes with sequential pagination arranged in rows of shelving across multiple floors of the stacks has given way to an intellectual anti-gravity that makes me welcome the volume and complexity of published content." Ahhhhh.

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