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Saturday, August 24, 2002

Coming To A Freeway Near You

I've been behind on checking into Larry Lessig's OSCON speech (about which he has more to say here), but it's been that kind of week. Imagine how pleased I was, then, to learn I could take Larry to go, via iPod! (MP3 available here or here, as well as various other flavors.) Won't be the first time I've caught up on my blogging in the car. With the advent of iTunes 3.0 and iPod Software 1.2, and the new support for Audible, I've had about six seconds, tops, of bittersweet regret for the passing of the Audible Mobile Player that has been more or less attached to my person for the last 3 1/2 years. There's a new kid in town, and he's James Dean to the poor Mobile Player's Sal Mineo. (Guess that makes me Ms. Natalie; I'll take it!) The (10 Gig) 'Pod is unflaggingly flexible, still begging to be filled with stuff (with three solid days of material on there now, it's got miles to go), plays on the car and home stereo, and acts as a portable hard drive and PDA. Can't praise it enough. Which reminds me, a friend is going on a PowerBook switching/buying spree tomorrow and wants help. Help! Sounds like a job for Will Power... Before I sign off, apropos of nothing but a good read, go check out Davezilla's Worst Date Ever No. 9. Is she in legal, do you think?

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