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Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Blawg Ring

JCA has set up a Blawg Ring! Three members and growing. This should make the B(lawg) P(atrol)'s work a piece of cake. They've been admirably diligent lately, so stay tuned for lots of blawg updates here soon (this weekend). Dave Winer likes where this is going, and so do I:
It seems we're just about at the tipping point for lawyer-bloggers. I'm getting a sense that if we have a legal question that's appropriate to ask in public, it's likely one of the lawyers will answer it, at weblog-speed, which is fast. They also write well. Here's an example [Bill Altreuter]. "The Bronx is where I spent a great deal of the formative years in my professional life; it is a place apart in a lot of ways, a little banana republic in New York City." He tells a good story. I feel a kinship with the kind of lawyer who writes in public.

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