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Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Was Cable, Now Spaghetti

Seems this (Adelphia's Family Fools at Slate, via Outside Counsel), was just the tip of the iceberg. Now there's a civil lawsuit by the SEC over "one of the most extensive financial frauds ever to take place at a public company," (via FindLaw), and five arrests (via The Nando Times) for using the (my!) hapless cable company as a "personal piggy bank." Forbes offers a concise chronology, beginning, appropriately enough given the spectacle, with a movie theater purchase. Should this interfere with any September Sopranos viewing, the appropriateness of emotional distress damages for subscribers deserves serious consideration . . . (I'm just kidding, folks at Overlawyered; unless of course you're as strung out for your next hit of the arrabiata-soaked stuff as I am, and thus with me on this??). Many thanks, RB, for the heads up.

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