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Monday, July 08, 2002

P2P Morning

Three stories on the fate of the music industry and P2P networks greeted me before I could even pour a cup of coffee:
  • Declan McCullagh on Rep Howard Berman's bill to permit attacks against file swapping networks: Much Ado About Nothing. [Via c | net News.Com and Politech] As the title suggests, the article surveys technology related legislation proposed this year and examines why it's not going anywhere.
  • Chuck Philips on the sluggish market for Vivendi Universal: Industry Woes Hit Vivendi's Music Unit. [Via the L.A. Times] This piece looks at how buyers for the company responsible for 40% of all cd sales are scarce, in light of fears about the future of the music business as it currently operates.
  • John Healey on dissension among record companies about the value of P2P networks: Labels See Perks In File Sharing. [Via the L.A. Times] Healey points out how independent record labes could undermine the major labels' argument that P2P networks have "no significant legitimate use," because the indies and their artists see the value in exposure gained from file swapping.
  • Stow your tray tables, there's turbulence ahead.

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