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Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Give This Lawyer A Blog - Oh, Got One

I was just thinking it had been a long while (ok - an Internet long while) since anyone had pointed me to another blawg, which I define broadly around the author rather than the content; if it's a weblog maintained by someone who calls some aspect of the legal field home, or did at one time and hasn't completely renounced it, it counts. Had the blog tool folks finally decided to bar the doors against the legal scourge? Seems not, Ernie has come to the rescue and found the superbly titled Unbillable Hours and TBP, Esq., a New Jersey lawyer with a great, direct voice, an affinity for Lincoln and Montaigne, and (for example) court hearings that rival The Spanish Inquisition. I look forward to reading and so should you. (Aside: I love Ernie's observation that because Rick Klau blogged it we get to read Rick's article before the print magazine even arrives, and I would add before the ABA has gotten around to posting the current edition of LPM Magazine on its Web site, which still features May/June at the moment.) While saying hello to TBP, I also bid a bittersweet au revoir to Rebeca Delgado, and look forward to what she has in store for us down the road. --Later: Two in one day? Law professor Jeff Cooper as well (thanks, Howard).

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