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Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Coffee, A Chili Dog, Or A TRO?

But why choose, when in sunny Southern California you can have it all? Legal Grind, with locations in Santa Monica, Tarzana and Inglewood, offers "coffee and counsel" for $25 a session, and an array of other basic legal services at a cost somewhat more suited to the café than the conference room. If those prices still would force your latte out your nose (in a manner generally frowned upon in café society), head over to Law Dogs in Van Nuys, where lawyer/owner Kim Pearman and colleagues dispense hot dogs for $2 and legal advice for free each Wednesday from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. Should those leave your daily dose of "only in L.A." sightings unfulfilled, here's another: a helicopter has been chasing a Piper Cub across the skies outside my office, over Dodger Stadium, for the last twenty minutes. (Last fall we moved offices, and I traded "HOLLYWOOD" for "THINK BLUE.") This can mean one of two things: (1) someone's filming Swordfish II (uh, let's hope not), or (2) news-at-six slow speed chases have taken to the air...

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