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Thursday, July 11, 2002

The B.(lawg) P.(atrol) Files

The top brass didn't believe me, but I knew those midyear performance bonuses to the field unit would galvanize the troops. Sure, we blew the budget, but the agents are bringing 'em in: Agent Bashman nabs law student Nikki Furrer, a hardened offender with twenty days of weblogging under her belt, and a template Timothy Leary would love. Agent Bradley collars (heh) First Amendment/religious cause lawyer and writer David French, plus an embryonic meme: "TheoBlawgs are blogs written by lawyers with a religious edge." Agent Bradley, not long out of the Academy, also is learning from Agent Bashman one of the realities of the profession: "print is dead." (Sorry if those direct links don't work; Agent Bradley may need to republish his archives.) These blawging fugitives harbor in all facets of society.

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