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Wednesday, July 10, 2002

"Billionaires Producing Damaged Goods"

I'm frustrated. Why? Because Cory Doctorow was on The Screen Savers tonight, and provided a concise, eloquent run-down on Consensus At Lawyerpoint -- and why you really ought to pay attention to what they're talking about over there. Great, so why am I frustrated? You need to see the video if you have not had the chance, and there's no link I can point you to. *sigh* Maybe Cory can talk to them and get the clip posted on BoingBoing or Consensus At Lawyerpoint. (Hey, stop thinking what you're thinking. I've had plenty of trying to take things down accurately today, so I'm not going to be transcribing from the TiVo, thanks just the same.) In the meantime, there's a mini BPDG -- see the title of this post for the handy mnemonic mentioned by Cory -- FAQ that goes with the segment and is posted here. Be warned though -- at the time of this writing the FAQ contains an error which hopefully will be corrected by the time you read it, namely: Billy Tauzin is a Republican congressman from Louisiana, not a Democratic congressman from Los Angeles (which has not yet attained statehood). Also interesting from Cory's segment, following up on the show's Question Of The Day ("Do you have the right to share your Internet connection?," which stems from this c | net News.Com story), is the fact the EFF plans to publish a list, by tomorrow or Friday, of ISPs known not to prohibit the sharing of paid-for bandwidth. (If you're into things Wi-Fi, by the way, you might also enjoy this, from Fresh Gear.)

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