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Saturday, June 08, 2002

Voice From Beyond

The L.A. Times reports the Monterey Bay Aquarium is trolling for a juvenile great white shark to exhibit, despite the fact no one has been able to keep one alive in captivity for more than three weeks. "It would be a wonderful spokesman for the aquarium," says John O'Sullivan, curator of field operations, according to the Times. Oh, well terrific then. But I'm guessing there's not much a young shark can utter while it's busy dying:
"Our white shark lived longer than anyone else's because we let it go before it died," said [John] McCosker [of San Francisco's Steinhart Aquarium], who has co-written a book on great whites. That 7-foot shark was moved from Bodega Bay to the aquarium, but once inside, it banged so hard against the tank that it exhausted itself.

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