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Friday, June 28, 2002

Smokin' Hot Links

These have the sizzle of an unbeatable platter of Sabatino's sausages: 1. Christopher Locke's interview on yesterday's Marketplace Morning Report. (Real Audio; fast forward to 7:20 - 10:40 of the 17:29 minute program.) After spending an afternoon with our guests at Disneyland, this rings too true. [Via Jeneane and Elaine; bonus link, same sources, George Partington's interview.] Is there any doubt the Sorting Hat puts RB in Slytherin? (Is there any doubt a six-year old is a mind altering substance on par with anything regulated by the FDA?)
Want to Get Sorted?
2. Halley Suitt's interview with Frank Paynter, which goes exceptionally well with the Friday afternoon salsa being played in the plaza outside. Arriba!

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