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Monday, June 03, 2002

RSS Primer; Blogger Pro RSS; Auto-Discovery

Steven Cohen's article on RSS for non-techies is up at llrx. Thanks Steven, we non-librarians appreciate this too. Hey, and the Blogger Pro RSS generator now works for blog*spot users! So, if you're subscribing here, I suggest updating to, which is RSS v. 0.91 and includes post headings. (I'll leave the Voidstar code in the template for anyone who prefers v. 0.92 and no headings, and/or has no time for this sort of thing.) Finally, as I understand the RSS auto-discovery talk -- "you can subscribe to an HTML page, and if it has a suitable 'link' element in its 'head', the aggregator will subscribe to the RSS feed it points to" -- I have done the deed to Bag and Baggage. If you are auto-discovering my RSS (will this require local anesthetic?), do let me know that it worked.

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