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Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Reviews And Terrors

As a carryover from last weekend, we have three and six year old guests for the week (and their wonderful Mom). The little one, Claire, offers these insightful opinions, in a vocal amalgam of Elmer Fudd and Bubbles:
  • On the house (and why it doesn't have toys): "Because it idn't a home." O!
  • On The Screen Savers: "Dis is vewy nice tawlking. Dey vewy fwiendwy." (An overclocker in the making.)
  • On the practice of law: "Why you pack up and go da office when we go da beach aw day?" Meanwhile, we can't get her older brother off the Mac, and I can't get over the fact I've taken to an item associated with "Bunco" in Google search results. (**runs screaming for the door**)

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